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Takenoco season came on Takenoco Hills.
Let's go to Takenoco (Bamboo shoot) hunting with Kaerusan (Frog's name) !
And let's Hunt Takenoco that grows one after another. The way to hunt is to touch the face of the Takenoco then pull it up slowly! (Takenoco can be hunted after complete to growth.)
Sometimes Rare Takenoco appears. (There is a good affinity between the rare Takenoco.)

In the mode menu to click the [Takenoco] button shows the point clear and the hi-score clear menu.
The [GameCenter] button shows the Leaderboard (Internet connection required.)
To click the [Dragon Fly] button closes this menu.

Enjoy Takenoco hunting without time limit !
Touch the face of the Takenoco and pull it up slowly. (Takenoco can be hunted after complete to growth.) After hunting Takenoco, it falls down then Kaerusan gathers it.
There is the hunting point (It depends on the life of Takenoco.) and the gather point (Takenoco's value point).
Sometimes Karakusa-Kaeru (This frog intercepts the hunted Takenoco.) appears.

Press the [Takenoco] button, to show the library of Takenoco.
The [Frog] button shows the quit menu. Quitting the game from this menu, the points and the Takenoco collections will be automatically saved.

Hunt Takenoco as much as possible in 90 seconds.
To touch Takenoco and drag it slowly stantingly from the bottom tier, some Takenoco can be hunted.
When continuously hunting same Takenoco the Combo mode starts ! And the Combo continues when a change from the Normal Takenoco to the Rare one.
In the Combo mode the score is added more times than Normal. (MAX. 10x)
The Takenoco that are hunted in the Slow Hunting mode appear.

After hunting the number of Takenoco that you hunted will be shown by clicking the [Takenoco] button.
The Hi-score is saved automatically.


v1.0.0 (First Release) 2012-7-31 GMT

v1.0.2 (Update) 2012-9-1 GMT
The appearance interval of the Takenoco was shortened.
Sometimes Takenoco unite formation and they appear.
The appearance condition of Karakusa-Kaeru was eased.
Block takenoco was changed to Metal takenoco.

v1.0.4 (Update) 2012-9-20 GMT
Resum function was updated.
Added some formation patterns of Takenoco.
Game balance was adjusted.
Bug fix.

v1.1.0 (Update) 2012-10-22 GMT
Added new 8 characters.
Game balance was adjusted.

v1.1.2 (Update) 2012-11-8 GMT
Bug fixed (No.23 Takenoco can not be hunted).
Takenoco became a soft little.
Improved the stability of the boot.

v1.2.0 (Update) 2012-12-17 GMT
New uniq 8 characters were added.
(For some hunted Takenoco, other Takenoco will be affected. )
Added new charged items (Bell & Remove Ads).
(When the bell ring, Takenoco appear all at once. By removing Ads, the rate of appearance of the rare Takenoco increases.)
Added Frog's motions.
Takenoco became a soft more.

v1.2.3 (Update) 2012-12-27 GMT
It corresponds to a left-handed person. (Tap the left side arrow button in the library.)
Game balance was adjusted.
Added Frog's motions.
Bug fixed. (A picture of the completion does not appear. Sound problem. etc.)

v1.2.5 (Update) 2013-3-5 GMT
The bell can be used 3 times by hunting every 1000 of the Normal Takenoco.
Fixed purchase problem. (Deleted the Remove Ads.)
Game balance was adjusted.
Bug fixed. (Sometimes the resume does not work.)

v1.3.0 (Update) 2013-6-27 GMT
Leaderboard of GameCenter is available.
In the Time Attack mode, the life of all of Takenoco is same as that of Normal Takenoco. Then it was made easy to hunt.
It shortened the limit time to 90 seconds and the Combo expanded to 10 times.
Game balance was adjusted in the Slow Hunting mode.
Improved stability of the game.

v1.4.0 (Update) 2014-7-1 GMT
Compatible with iPad.
Fitted on iPhone5 size (640x1136).
Show the balance of the average of the Takenoco Points and the Kinoco Points of the top 100 in the CameCenter.
Added the remove Ads item (It is together with the Bell).
The interval of the Takenoco growth was shortened.

* Application for iPhone4/4s/5/5c/5s, iPad and iPod Touch4/5.

It is checked on the iOS4.3.5, iOS5.1.1, iOS6.1.3, and iOS7.1.

TakenocoPon (English) Apple Store

TakenocoPon (Japanese) Apple Store

2012-7-31 Release (Free)


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